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Naitik Kathayen

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ISBN : 978-93-86063-62-5
AUTHOR NAME : LS Editorial Team
YEAR: 2020
Format: Paper Back

Availability: In stock

Rs 130.00


"The book contains 23 stories in Hindi like Sher aur Chuha, Do Mitra, Gaon Ka Mukhiya, Lakdi ka Katoura, Ek Gilaas Doodh, Chalak Gadha, etc. All Time Favorite 'Naitik Kathayen' consists of moral stories meant to develop morality and ethics in young readers. Each story comes with a cute, colourful illustration and has been carefully picked to appeal to young reading sensibilities. The friendly people and vivacious animal characters in these stories help us to learn important life lessons through their own examples of success or defeat, selfless help or selfish vile and through the twists and turns in the situations that present themselves. The morals given at the end of every story inculcate in the young readers groovy moral values, which help a person rise to horizon of success and be a favourite of all."

Additional Information

शेर और चूहा * पूँछकटी लोमड़ी * दो मेंढक * सेब का वृक्ष * आलसी किसान * लकड़ी का कटोरा * बढ़ई का घर * दो मित्र * चालाक गधा * ईमानदार लकड़हारा * बुराई का चक्र * एक गिलास दूध * बाड़ और कीलें * ढोलवाला * सोने का पिंड * गाँव का मुखिया * बाज़ और शिकारी * सुनहरा हंस * शेर और बाघ * बूढ़े का बेटा * डुग्गू का गुस्सा * झूठा चूहा * स्वार्थी गग्गू.

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